A brief Note on GSTR-3B

138 ViewsGSTR-3B is a summarized return. A taxpayer is required to file this return as per the requirement of the provision u/r 61(5) of CGST Rules, 2017. This return is filed on a monthly basis. In this return the taxpayer furnishes the sum total of outward supplies in a particular month. The taxpayer also works […]

A brief note on Job Work process

191 ViewsA person who is carrying out the activity of manufacturing of goods may send his goods (inputs, semi-finished goods or capital goods) to another person who is having the facility of manufacturing the same goods. This becomes necessary to meet the additional demand in the market for that product and the manufacturer has exceeded […]

A brief information on GST provision

149 ViewsImplementation: Goods and Service Tax (GST) was implemented on 01.07.2017. In GST, the State taxes like Value Added Tax (VAT), Central Sales Tax (CST), Entry Tax (ET) got subsumed into State GST and it is termed as “SGST”. The Central taxes like Central Excise Duty, Additional Customs Duty, Special Additional Duty got subsumed into […]

Services by way of transfer of business as a going concern is exempted from GST

166 ViewsThe Applicant M/s. Rajeev Bansal & Sudershan Mittal, 789, 1st Floor Awas Vikas Ranipur More, Hardwar, Uttarakhand has made an application before the Authority for Advance Rulings for the State of Uttarakhand on 05.12.2019. The application was filed seeking advance ruling on whether “Business Transfer Agreement” as a going concern which consists of transferring […]

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