New facility to verify document Reference Number (RFN) mentioned on offline communications issued by State GST authorities

28/04/2023 1. The GST portal (“System”) generates various documents, such as notices/ orders, etc which are communicated to the taxpayer. Most such documents have a system-generated unique identifier DIN (Document Identification Number)/ RFN (Reference Number). These documents, by virtue of being generated by the System, are already traceable in the portal, mostly on the taxpayer’s […]

Free E-Book on GST All Circulars, Instructions & Guidelines and ROD (Removal of Difficulties Orders)

Book title “E-Book on GST containing all circulars, instructions & guidelines and removal of difficulties orders” has been compiled by Sri Ghanshyam Upadhyay, LLB and Sri Praveen Upadhyay B. Com , GST Practitioners in Hyderabad, Telangana. Edition: 1st Edition 2023 Price: Free E-Book (Share this E-book to others also) This Free E-Book is published by […]

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