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Goods & Service Tax – Some Perceptions and Reflections

Authored by CMA Anil Sharma, B.Com (Honrs), M.Com, FCMA

Index of the book:

1) Accountants and their challenges under GST

2) ITC: Seamless flow endless restrictions

3) Ease of doing … courtesy Lucknow (Lukhnau)

4) GST: Sections not enacted: (Part:1/1)

5) GST: Sections not enacted: (Part:1/2)

and more….

Price: Rs. 300/-

Book Title

GST ITC Draft Replies & Internal Controls (with Accounting Treatments & Dcoumentations)

Published on: 2022

Authored by CA Vishal Poddar, Adv. Nitin Sharma, CA Pooja Garg.

About the book

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Blueprint of Drafting

Chapter 3 ITC related notices and draft replies

Chapter 4 Control Chart — Eligible/Ineligible with Reversal and Blocked ITC

Chapter 5 Due dates of GSTR 3B

and more….

Price: Rs. 995/-

Bharat Laws Member price: 895/- (10% Discount)

Taxscan Price: 796 (20% Discount)

How to Handle GST Scrutiny 2022 by CA Abhishek Raja "Ram". Published in May, 2022. Price Rs. 1,000/-

Book Title

How to Handle GST Scrutiny 2022

Published on May, 2022

Authored by CA. Abhishek Raja “Ram” FCA, DISA (ICAI), (F&T)

It contained topic like

  • Assessment
  • Demands and Recovery
  • GST Scrutiny decoded
  • Digest of important case laws
  • Role of tax professional in GST
  • and many more

Price Rs. 1000/-

Book Title

GST Assessment, Adjudication, Demand & Recovery

Highlights of the books

  • Legal and illustrative commentary on assessment, adjudication, demand and recovery of GST
  • Easy to understand, comprehend and apply the legal provisions
  • Law explained by way of diagrams/flow charts
  • Backed by relevant judicial pronouncements on the subject
  • Authored by experienced and practicing professionals

Authored by CA. (Dr.) Sanjiv Agarwal & CA. Neha Somani

1st Edition, 2022

Availed at leading bookshops all over India or buy online. Price 895/-

Book Title

GST TRACKER in Volume I and II

Highlight of the book

Containing Sectionwise /Rulewise Judgements, Circulars, Notifications & Much more

Tracking & Compiling

821 Notifications

169 Circulars

18 Orders

20 Removal of Difficulty Orders

5 instructions

6 . Approx. 3200 Judgments /Rulings

Authored by CA Kashish Gupta

2nd Edition

Available at a discounted of price Rs.2785/-

(Original price Rs.3095/-)


Authored by Abhishek Raja “Ram” & Advocate Gaurav Bhatnagar

Goods & Services Tax was implemented on 1st July’2017 and this law is still New & Young with teething problems in it. First there are compliance related issues and then Taxpayers & Tax Professionals are also dealing with Portal problems. Over the top we regularly hear news about arrest of people due to Fake Invoices. Numerous Notices have been issued till date to control this menace. The arrests have not only been restricted to Business owners but in some cases professionals are also arrested. The basic problem in getting bail is that in general Tax Professionals are expert in GST Laws whereas Lawyers
are expert in their own field (example CrPC, IPC etc). Therefore, this book has been written in an attempt to bridge the gap between these two.
This book is an attempt to be a crossover book to give Tax Professionals an Idea about Bail Laws and for Lawyers a fair Idea of GST needed for Bail purposes.

Price = Rs.608/-

Link to buy book Click here

About book : 1) Topic wise arrangement of all Sections, Rules, Definitions, Notifications, Circulars, Press Releases, FAQ’s, GST Forms, Notes on Clauses issued from implementation of GST till date.

Published on 7 September 2021
by CA. Hemant Singhal (Author)
Price – Rs. 585/-

GST Investigations Demands Appeals & Prosecution by G. Gokul Kishore and R. Subhashree Taxmann

Book Title

GST Investigations Demands Appeals & Prosecution by G. Gokul Kishore R. Subhashree

Edition : August, 2021

The book aims to cover the past & emerging jurisprudence on the subject matter along with a lucid commentary on the statutory provisions under the GST Law relating to the following:

  • GST Inspection
  • GST Search
  • GST Seizure

R. Subhashree is an Advocate practising direct tax and indirect tax laws.

Dr. G. Gokul Kishore is an indirect tax expert with more than 25 years of experience.

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