Actions taken by the department during enquiry need not necessarily be termed as harassment

27 ViewsThe Hon’ble Madras High Court in the matter of M/s Sridhar v the Superintendent of GST [Crl. O.P. No.7736 of 2022 dated June 6, 2022] dismissed the petition alleging the harassment by the Superintendent of Goods and Services Tax. Facts:M/s Sridhar (“the Petitioner”) has filed an Criminal Petition under Section 482 of Code of […]

Bail granted to Chartered Accountant not being a beneficiary of illegal availment of ITC

15 ViewsThe Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court in the matter of M/s Yogender Yadav v Union of India [CRM-M-53014 OF 2021 dated February 15, 2022] granted relief to a Chartered Accountant and held that judicial incarceration may not be prolonged, as it would unnecessarily curtail and fetter personal liberty of the Petitioner. Facts: M/s Yogender Yadav […]

No Recovery of Central Excise Duty, Interest, and Penalty without serving of Adjudication Order

17 ViewsThe Hon’ble Calcutta High Court in the matter of M/s Haldia Petrochemicals Limited v. Assistant Commissioner [W.P. A No. 4249 of 2022, dated June 30, 2022] held that no recovery of Central Excise Duty, interest, and penalty can be made without service of adjudication order and directed the Revenue Department to refund the amount […]

Directed the Revenue Department to grant refund of the excess payment along with the interest due to delay

3 ViewsThe Hon’ble Andhra Pradesh High Court in M/s Venkateswara Electricals v State of Andhra Pradesh [Writ Petition No.4072 of 2022 dated March 9, 2022] directed the Revenue Department to refund the amount of the excess tax paid by the assessee, along with the interest, within a period of three months. Facts: M/s Venkateswara Electronic […]

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